Hi, welcome to my blog!

We all get to this point where we are dragged into a dull routine and we get this strong sense of freedom and a great desire to start living our own life! For some this means going out with friends and enjoy a nice wine, sometimes breaking free resembles taking courses, participate in workshops, marathons, etc and for others it screams to discover the world and to never stop travelling or at least not for the moment being. 

If you belong in the category of the latter don’t forget: travel is a lifestyle! Some people are gifted with this lifestyle because they’ve always had the means, some people worked hard to get the means to become a full-time globetrotter and other people, aka me, realise that travelling isn’t cheap and wills you to conjure all your creativity to sustain this way of life. So how do I do it?  Frankly I don’t even know how I got to travel for three years almost non-stop! Supposedly following my general guide lines keeps me on track, especially the ‘work where you are’ one.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks on cheap ways to travel, well-balanced itineraries and honest reviews, good luck!

Lots of Love,

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