The Try-out

If you are like me then you probably have a burning desire to make something of yourself but your family is not really supportive. THEY know exactly what YOUR life should look like without considering who you are. As I was getting tired of my relationship and job, I decide to start my dream: travelling the world! I gave up on my relationship, quit my job and two months later my parents finally made the wise decision to drop me off at the airport. It was time to test myself. Let the tryout begin!

For every trip you should have some goals or plan considering what you want to achieve by going there. For me it was easy to make the plan I would take the plane to Malaga, then take the bus to Granada, where I would try to find a job, live and practise my spanish for three months. No sooner said than done I arrived in Granada at the beginning of april, where I was staying in a very cheap hostel and after a week there was still no progress with my apartment search, so I had to book an additional week in the hostel. With time urging me to find a more definite place to stay I looked for a quick fix online. Thereby making my first mistake!

Not only did I have to pay the site a fix booking fee, I was also misinformed about the apartment as they hadn’t mentioned I had to pay gas, electricity and water separately (which was noted  by other properties). Immediately after sending a cancellation e-mail to the site I got response saying that if I were to do that I would lose the entire first month plus the booking fee I already paid. Therefore I met with the actual landlady explaining her my situation and trying to get her to reduce the price for the not so nice looking room. Sometime later we came to an agreement that once the other guest left the smaller room I was to change rooms so that I could pay  less.

Now that my housing problems were over I could start looking for a job. How hard can it be, right?

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