Getting a job

First things first! If you want to have a job you have to apply for one, sadly I forgot to make a curriculum vitae back home. With no computer or printer at hand what was I to do? I decided the next best thing was the good old pen and paper. During one week I distributed my carefully, in spanish, handwritten curriculums to hotels and restaurants, with a tad of shame trickling into the back of my mind knowing how unprofessional it must seem, I was hoping for at least one positive response. Not relying on a quick response I was planning on going on a weekend getaway to one of the neighbouring towns.

It is friday morning and while I am preparing my breakfast, the nerve-wrecking sound of my cellphone puts me in a light coma, who else could it be but a potential boss! A female voice answers the phone and asks me to come over for a little talk. While I am heading down to the square just a few streets away I keep thinking about what the woman said. If they would hire me I would start this weekend! She ended up hiring me with contract, which restaurant holders normally aren’t as keen on, but as I had been discussing a getaway with one of my flatmates the night before and had been looking forward to it I felt weak and kind of nauseous. What a dilemma!

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