Coogee to Bondi beach walk

In my previous post , Sydney’s pearl, I stated not to have liked Sydney due to the mere fact that the city is like any other. As I recently discovered on a second stay, city is not all there is to see in Sydney. A wonderful walk awaits you once you make your way to Bondi or Coogee beach. On either side you can start and complete a marvellous beach walk, that will take you past cliffs, the Bondi baths, more beaches and a huge cemetery.

Randwick cemetery

Before starting the 7km hike from Coogee beach to Bondi beach, I first wanted to inhale the relaxed, vacation like atmosphere of Coogee beach and fill my stomach with some delicious food. As I am a conscious eater I was thrilled to find a place that serves vegan burgers and this just on the main road viz. Coogee Bay road! In contrast to Bondi beach Coogee beach feels more natural and calm instead of busy and touristy, even though the hike is quite popular amongst tourists and Australian residents. Of course Bondi beach has gained more fame over the years as it has been a popular TV series location. Tourists seem to be drawn to the Bondi baths and of course like each and every one of them I too couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Bondi baths

Our hike starts around one of the most scenic places at Coogee beach: the Giles baths. At the bottom of a single staircase you will find a natural pool shielded by rocks from the rough ocean waves fiercely breaking onto the guarding rock formation. Can you imagine this is just the start! As the walk along the edge of the cliff, parting land and ocean, will take you to Gordons Bay, carefully tucked away from prying eyes, and many more beautiful locations.

Gordons Bay

All it took to change my view of Sydney was a 7 km hike, who would have known! I have to say this is the real pearl of Sydney.

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