Sydney’s pearl

I don’t know about you, but for me Sydney wasn’t what I expected at all, as a matter of fact I thought Sydney was quite disappointing! Although some people might like it, the city reminded me much of any other big city. Sure the architecture slightly differs but in essence they are the same, you’ll always find a car free shopping street with cafes and restaurants, the bars, pubs and clubs in the nightlife area, the historic buildings and in Australia more often than not a beach nearby, easily accessible by public transport. If you were to ask me what my favourite area in Sydney would be I would answer you without a doubt darling harbour. Although it doesn’t compare to Brisbane’s South bank it definitely reflects the same open and relaxed atmosphere.

Sydney city-view from circular quay

How to navigate Sydney? It’s not a difficult city where you have to take a map and walk around for ages to find the next monument. Both, the harbour bridge and the opera house, can be found around the edges of circular quay. As these are the most known monuments in Sydney a sea of tourists emerges from the moment you enter the quay. While I am sure you find it irresistible to go up to the opera house to get a front row picture I must recommend you pay for a ferry ride to Watsons bay or Manly. The views are priceless and the angles for the opera house and harbour bridge the best!

opera house with Sydney in the background

After taking the amazing pictures, I am sure you took, you can relax at the beach, for me that was Watsons bay and even though the beach is quite small, stretching on both sides of the pier. Watsons bay exumes a relaxed fishing village vibe with a few cafes and restaurants where you can eat fresh seafood, don’t let the food shack on the pier itself fool you, the grilled fish is very good even if it is eaten out of a take away box!

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