With a job in my pocket I figured everything would go easily from now on, but I couldn’t be more mistaken. Because you can exchange your rights within Europe, I needed a certain number called the NIE number to enhance my countries paperwork. Thus I made my choice I would work instead of exploring Spain. With not enough time to be sad I worked the weekend containing twelve hours a day, gaining only thirty euros a day. Completely exhausted and disappointed I tried to find the city office for foreigners to obtain the NIE number. At least five times I got transferred from one office to another and even then it was a hustle to get through the given paperwork. From thereon I went with the documents to my employer, back to the office, back to the employer, back to the office, to the bank and one final time to the office. All together it took about one month to obtain the much-needed number. Care to explain this to the labour inspector!

Luckily for me everything got sorted out and the inspectors didn’t come to the restaurant I was working in. Happily I continued to live there for the month being, as I discovered the prodigious town called Granada. With its cozy and picturesque streets crinkling like veins around the cities heart, engraving an incredible view on my retina. Yet my thirst for travel slumbered at the borders of my  subconscious and as I went on different little trips it became unquenchable.

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