Wherever you stand in life I am sure you have been faced with a ton of choices, such as what do I want to become, which school do I attend to, and so on and on… I always felt as if it didn’t matter which choices I made because it seemed as if they all led to the same dull life. By making one big choice I learned more about myself than I could’ve ever imagined.

I learned that I am not ment to stay put and that I not only wanted, but needed to pursue my quest of seeing as much of Spain and Portugal as possible, visiting my friends along the way. My layout was simple I would go through the south of Spain, look up Gibraltar on the way, cross the border with Portugal in the south, move upwards passing by Lisbon and Porto, crossing the border in the north of Spain where I would celebrate san Juan with friends, from thereon make my way back to Granada and spend some time with my visiting family in Benalmadena. Staying in the surroundings I settled down for a while in Marbella, where I was taunted with the next choice: to stay or not to stay!

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