another job another day

I found a job after a week as a cocktail waitress. Now I am not the one to think unkind of anyone, but the bar owners attitude was awful. Like a ticking time bom the Parisian man dictated us around, working long night shifts without a proper break or food, we got screamed at for nothing a hint of  disdain lingering in the tremblings of his voice. Even threatening us that we would be replaced in a minute if that was his liking. Is this why I said no to a hard rock café job interview?

Thank got for connections! When people say connections are everything they know what they are talking about. One of my friends was working in the hard rock café of Puerto banus, the one I had applied for and unfortunately turned down. I explained her my situation , how awful I felt and that after three weeks I was still waiting for my promised contract. She understood and she got me another interview, one I gladly made my way to. After the first interview a call to come in again and do another interview followed quickly. This time I felt somewhat unsure about the interview. Still I got a second phone call asking me if I could start the following day. So I went to work early that day and told my bosses that I wouldn’t be able to work for them any longer. They didn’t allow me to work that day and I would have to contact them about the money later on because they wouldn’t give it to me right away. I understood their point of view but if I would have said I was unhappy there they would’ve fired me right away, so I did what was best for me. Maybe you’ll understand how he was when I tell you he shooed me away as if I was a stray dog just because I wanted to say goodbye to my former colleagues. Nothing could break my happiness for it was another day and another job!


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