The last month

Just before I left the job I got the chance to live with a Spanish family, costing far less than the overpriced hostels that Marbellian summer provided. It gave me some privacy and certainty of having a place to sleep. Whereas one night I came home to the hostel in the morning around 5 am, it had been a long shift, and noticed my door was left ajar. Sure I shared the room with three other people, but they should be as concerned about their belongings as I am. So I entered the room noticing all four beds were occupied, which was strange as I wasn’t in my bed. Enraged I went to the reception to complain, but of course they weren’t there and they didn’t answer my pertinacious knocks on their private door. Since this mess was their fault entirely for I booked and paid for the night being I started ringing the bell until one of them woke up. Not even saying anything he helped me move to a single room without air-co reminding me more of Cinderella’s attic chamber than a bedroom. Waking up early the next morning considering that the cleaning lady was about to help me move back to my normal room I barely gained any sleep. Whilst arranging to move into the apartment of the Spanish family the next day I still had one more night in the hostel. As I left the hostel the manager apologized and I don’t know why I didn’t ask for a restitution, but I sure should’ve!

Fortunately the family I stranded with was amazing and their son was like a brother to me. Everyday was filled with other new and exciting things happening to me. Waiting for the bus, that never came, I met a dutch girl and since we spoke the same language we engaged in a flowing conversation that ended with her inviting me to a yacht party. Curious as I always am I was definitely going, but bringing another friend of mine along for back up should thing get out of hand. It turned out to be an old men party meaning five beautiful girls for three middle aged guys, it wasn’t a party I would normally attend but it sure was interesting. On one of my free weekends I went to Valdevaqueros spending the night in the caravan of one of my friends, friends for free! As my Spanish improved and everything continued to go great it wasn’t a happy thing to leave Marbella and trade it in for Madrid.

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