Three days, three cities

Sad but filled with renewed eagerness to travel I said goodbye to my new brother and his girlfriend, entering the bus that would take me to Madrid in a day. Arriving in Madrid late at night I tried to figure out the central metro system. I asked one of the workers how to get to where I needed to go, he explained me the map and sent me of into the right direction. Still traveling with my number one mistake, my two suitcases, I went on a metro ride not thinking about having to carry them up again. Well actually I was expecting escalators to be in place, but whenever you expect something the opposite happens, so I ended up toting the luggage up the stairs.

Luckily my hostel was close to the metro station and upon arriving there I would be able to lay down and take a rest. Again this is not the way it went, after check in I got told that my room was not completely accessible with the elevator. I took the elevator as far up as possible to tote the luggage on two more stairs again. One of the people in the hostel saw me struggling and offered to help me out, carrying one of my suitcases op the stairs. Thank god!

Since I always take the cheapest options for staying overnight I ended up in a 10-share room and prepared with my mask and earplugs I went to bed knowing I would be fine. Yet nothing was less true! In the middle of the night the guy sleeping beneath me entered the room turning on the scrutinizing light planted almost right above me waking me up as the intense white light was sipping through the gaps of the mask. Even though I would only stay for three nights this guy kept being a constant nuisance to my good nights sleep.

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