So remember the annoying guy sleeping beneath me? Well after having had a free included breakfast, a wonderful free walking tour through Madrid and a free tour of the palace you can imagine how tired I must have been. Yet my lousy roommate entered the room in the middle of the night AGAIN! But this time bringing along the police, because of bedbugs, turning on the light and making an abundance of noise awaking everybody in the room.

After a poor nights sleep I had planned to go to Toledo, which is a beautiful city on top of a hill forty minutes outside of Madrid. However the first hours of my day I couldn’t get away for more than two feet of the toilet. Wondering why my stomach was so upset I waited for it to pass until I was strong enough to go downstairs and take some breakfast. Stomachache or not the breakfast was included so eating it I would, such a food addict I am. Not a hundred percent recovered yet I decided to make my way to Toledo as I was sure it would just be a morning thing. But before reaching the metro station I fell down the stairs not having enough strength to even hold myself up by the rail. Yet this was not going to ruin my day I had planned to see Toledo and so I would!

Having taken the first metro to go to the bus station I started feeling unwell again, so I decided I should take a dafalgan (paracetamol) knocking it back I felt even worse and as soon as the metro stopped I lay down on the first bench I could reach, hoping it would make me feel better. Immediately a bunch of metro officers were standing around me asking me how I felt, I replied them in Spanish ,as they were inquiring in Spanish, that I wasn’t feeling well at all. A medic was sent, asking me what I thought it was, I thought it was about my period on the verge of breaking through combined with some awful nights of sleep, so that’s what I told her forgetting about the two calamari sandwiches I had eaten the day before. As I started to feel a bit better again two of the officers escorted me on the next train towards the bus station, where I ensured them I felt better and left them behind, entering the bus to Toledo.

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