Upon arriving in Toledo I started feeling well again and hence commencing my stroll through the picturesque village of Toledo. Seeing some of the must do’s such as the cathedral, churches, the many cozy streets and the food market. Topping the night off with a virgin mojito on top of the market’s building as I sat there fulfilled with happiness while overlooking the village. Taking the bus and metro back to the hostel I started thinking about my last day in Madrid.

My third and final night didn’t pass without problems either. Around six am the same guy started to pack his stuff insanely loud and taking more than an hour to do so. Upset I started packing myself after having waited for half an hour for him to stop making noise. Enjoying my last free breakfast I could not be more happy to be almost out of this hostel and be on my way to Valencia. Still I had one more visit to make. Segovia!

Having heard from many that Segovia should be beautiful I made my way there and as the bus finally stopped I felt disappointed. The town appeared to be below average being spoiled by the many intriguing cities such as Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz,… Well since I was here I figured I might go to the aqueduct and see what the fuss was all about. A ten minute walk took me towards the aqueduct and unknowingly so leading me to the old city center. Gapingly I wandered through the old city center taking back any malicious thought I had had before while indulging myself in the crowded, yet narrow streets of Segovia. I couldn’t have been in more luck it appeared that most of the museums had free entry. Having roamed the crisscrossing streets for a while, bouncing in and out some museums along the way, I naturally ended in front of the Alcazar of Segovia.

A Disney like princess castle sprouts from the ground as a nostalgic feeling flows through my body’s nerve system, reminding me of all that’s good and well in the world. Allowing myself to buy an entrance ticket as the castle appears so distinct from the hundreds of Alcazar’s Spain has to offer, I walk in consuming every detail with my raiding eyes. Content with my decision the castle released me from its grip and I walked out into the courtyard, where I was bound to receive a bad notification. My blablacar for this afternoon would not be able to drive to Valencia and canceled the trip. Feverish I started looking for another blablacar and in applying for a spot later that evening I figured it wasn’t worth panicking over. Sure enough everything worked out, as I was just seated in the bus the blablacar driver contacted me to tell me where to meet later that evening. Making it there, with a few minutes to spare, the driver helped me put my two suitcases in the trunk. Once we are all seated and buckled up our little journey begins.

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