Arriving In the outskirts of Valencia in the middle of the night is not the most appealing idea and definitely not when you have to tug along two big suitcases for half an hour as the blablacar driver didn’t want to drop me at my hostel. Drenched with sweat I finally arrive at my hostel where I open the door with a code given to me previously , hoping a lift and an air conditioned room awaited me. Yet nothing was less true, as I took my room key out of the deposit box my eyes only scanned some steep stairs and if it couldn’t get any worse I was on the top floor! Hello midnight workout!

The key opened the door to my room where little light provided by a light bulb behind me gave the entrance a gloomy essence. My eyes wander around the luminous area, hoping no more unpleasant surprise would await. Alas nothing was less true ass my tired eyes stumbled upon a cockroach’s corpse! Disgusted by this, but Tired as hell I left it for the moment being thinking that if a cockroach couldn’t survive the room there couldn’t be other animals either.

Glad to take a break from my suitcases ( and I am serious when I say never to make that mistake again) I wandered off towards the bathroom, where a refreshing shower cleansed my body of its sweat. I might as well not have taken one as I soon found out there was no air conditioning in my room, whilst the booking page said there would be! Again I found myself to deal with this the next morning. I soaked a towel with cold water, laid it across my body and manage to get some sleep.

Before heading into town I spoke to the hostel manager about the cockroach and the lack of air conditioning and as if my luck had turned I got upgraded to a new room, recently renewed with a beautiful bathroom all to myself! Exited about this I changed rooms and went out into the beautiful city of Valencia. A slight New Orleans vibe radiates from the city’s heart and with every turn a new picturesque plaza arises. I spent my days roaming the cities heart admiring the great architecture, food markets, shopping, the beach and of course “la ciutat de les arts i les ciències” (the city of arts and science).


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